Possum Innersole Suede Slippers

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A Treat for Your Feet!

These cozy Possum Innersole Suede Slippers are a real treat for your feet! The Possum Fur Innersole makes them luxuriously soft and warm to keep you feeling warmer.

Give your feet a treat this winter with a pair of Possum Innersole Suede Slippers!

Outer: High Quality Suede with possum trim and inersoles
Inner: 100% Wool underneath the suede
Sole: Leather
Color: Sand (pictured) and Chestnut

We would like to send you the correct size Possum Slipper the first time. We recommend that you gently place the back of your heel on a wall, place a ruler or tape measure under your foot and measure your foot from the heel to the end of the longest toe. Then match YOUR SIZE from the size chart below, and chose it from the drop down menu.

Size Chart

Small 220mm - 240mm
Medium 240mm - 250mm
Large 250mm - 260mm
Extra Large 260mm - 270mm


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