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A scrumptious blend of two of nature’s most remarkable fibers, New Zealand Forest Fur and pure New Zealand lambswool. McDonald New Zealand’s distinctive and practically designed garments are as functional as they are fashionable. Experience the wonderful feel of this luxurious combination in beautifully crafted and designed garments that are light, warm and practical.

35% Possum Fur, 55% Merino Wool, 10% Pure Mulberry Silk. 

McDonald New Zealand possum fur comes from an introduced nocturnal animal living in our forests. Possums are destroying our native flora. By being environmentally responsible, we are saving our trees and native bird life to be kept as they are meant to be.

McDonald New Zealand garments have a strong focus on quality, construction and style. Many garments are trimmed with pure New Zealand lambskin leather, a perfect choice for gentle comfort, yet strong for good looks and durability. You can be absolutely assured that whenever you purchase a McDonald New Zealand garment you have made a natural choice that is . . . entirely New Zealand made.

Colors available: Bark, Black, Charcoal, Heather, Leaf, Mocha, Red.

Sizes: S, M, L.

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S                                      M                             L


16cm - 16.5cm      18.5cm - 19.5cm       20cm - 22cm

6.3" - 6.5"                  7.3" - 7.7"                7.8" - 8.7" 


22cm                           23cm                           26cm

8.6"                               9"                              10.2" 

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