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These Grip Mitts were developed as a response to players asking for better control of the ball during wet games and night games where dew or high humidity became a factor. With the ever-increasing development of the game one dropped pass or turnover can be the difference between winning and losing.
It hit the 2002 Super 12 like a storm and as you can see has now become a vital part of the World Cup as well!

What are Grip Mitts made of?
Tactel® (the best form of Lycra) super elastic and with a fantastic memory. Combined with Griptec® a specially developed compound that provides a super tacky grip to the ball. The compound can be tested against competitors by rubbing them up against a brick wall (see which one rub’s off first).

Why fingerless?
To comply with section 4m of the alternative dress code for rugby, allowing fingerless mitts to be worn. (if it was a full glove it would be banned).

Why No IRB Label?
This product is not protective gear! Pads, Headgear need the label but shirts, socks, mitts and boots don’t.

The highest quality materials available are used. The best most resilient Lycra so that the stretch memory, breath ability, and wear resistance is maintained in the glove. The players want these things to last not get all soggy and stretched after 2 uses. All manufacture is done in Dunedin, New Zealand.
With Grip Mitts you are paying for quality - it’s as simple as that.



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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Measurements refer to the hand circumference:

  Inch Cm
XS < 6 < 16
S 7" 17.5
M 7.5" 19
L 8.5" 21
XL > 9" >22.5


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