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The Essential Golf Hat for Every Golfer!

Out on the fairway, the only thing hotter than the competition is the sun. This "Fairway" Golfer Hat from Selke is a great way to keep a cool head on the green!

The "Fairway" Golfer Hat features a lightweight white canvas brim, to shade your face and reflect the heat. The crown is made from mesh to help keep you cooler. The "Fairway" is the essential golf hat that every golfer needs!

Because Selke hats are New Zealand made, when you choose a Selke you’re choosing a high quality product which will last. A Golfer Hat makes a wonderful golf gift, as well as being an essential "Fairway" accessory for yourself.

Check the size chart and then select the size Golfer Hat you need from the drop down menu below.


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Size: Measurements (cm)
Extra Small 52 - 53
Small 54 - 55
Medium 56 - 57
Large 58 - 59
Extra Large 60 - 61
Extra Extra Large 62


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