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Choose Practicality and Style with an Oilskin Camouflage Cap!

If you’re searching for a stylish hat which is practical as well, look no further than this Oilskin Camouflage Cap from Selke Enterprises.

This Oilskin Camouflage Cap is made from cotton and lined with warm polar fleece. This Camouflage Hat has a soft peak and can be crushed and stuffed into your pocket when not required. The fold-down ear flaps will keep you warm when you need it most and the oilskin will help stop the wind and rain.

Choose a hat which looks good and is practical like an Camouflage Cap from Selke.

Check the size chart and then select the size of Oilskin Camouflage Cap you need from the drop down menu below.


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Size: Measurements (cm)
Extra Small 52 - 53
Small 54 - 55
Medium 56 - 57
Large 58 - 59
Extra Large 60 - 61
Extra Extra Large 62


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