Maori Flag Tie

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Māori culture is a distinctive part of New Zealand culture. The traditional Maori war dance, the haka has become known throughout the world. Even symbols traditionally used by the Maori such as the Koru and Hei Tiki have become popular overseas.

This tie contains several symbols from Maori culture. The repetitive patterns are symbolic of the kowhaiwhai patterns that can be found meeting houses or wharenui. The black, red and white colours represent the Maori story of creation.
Black represents ’Te Po’ - ’The Darkness’. Red represents the blood that was split when Ranginui the Sky Father and Papatuanuku the Earth Mother were forced apart by their son Tane Mahuta. White represents the light - ’Te Ao Marama’

This tie is made in New Zealand from 100% Polyester

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