Silver Fern and Kiwi Tie - Kiwiana Tie

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This is a great Silver Fern + Kiwi Bird Tie.
Made in New Zealand. 100% Polyester
This Kiwiana tie is available in four colours: Black, Green, Navy and Wine. Please choose your colour from the drop down menu below.\>\>

The Silver Fern is widely used in New Zealand to signify New Zealandness. It is incorporated in the badges of most Army units, and more importantly it forms the wreath surrounding the central badge on Regimental Colours.

The New Zealand Kiwi Bird (Apteryx) can live to be 40 years old. He moves at night and hides in burrows during the day. You can find him in native New Zealand bush and scrubland. He has tiny wings and cannot fly. He has a long beak to probe in the soft earth and whiskers for feeling in the dark.

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