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Keep Warm this Winter with Possumdown!

Keep warmer this winter with a Kiwi Bird Scarf from Possumdown. This stunning Winter Scarf looks great and will keep you feeling cozy. The striking Kiwi Bird motif looks great and is sure to stand out wherever you wear it.

You’ll keep cozy with Possumdown! This quality, New Zealand made garment is made from a blend of New Zealand Merino Wool and Possum Fur. Merino Wool renowned for being light, soft and warm and Possum Fur has a hollow core, so it’s uniquely insulating. Possums are an introduced pest in New Zealand, which can destroy the native bush. By choosing Possumdown, you’re helping to keep New Zealand green.

Possumdown were the first company to see the potential of blending New Zealand Merino Wool and Possum Fur to make wool that are lighter, softer and warmer. Possumdown garments wear well, so you know you’re choosing a quality product which will last.

As well as being an essential item for your own winter wardrobe, this Kiwi Scarf from Possumdown makes a great gift, no matter who you’re buying for.

Fabric: 40% Possum fur, 50% New Zealand Merino wool, 10% Nylon.
One Size: Length 152-158cm, Width 16cm.
Colors Available: Black, Ruby, Natural.
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