Artemis Immuno Boost Tea 30g - Herbal Tea

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For fighting of seasonal ills and chills and supporting immune resistance

The immune system is the body’s basic mechanism for fighting off disease, from the common cold to more serious illness. Good nutrition can be used to build up a weakened immune system, and herbal teas have traditionally been used for this purpose. Artemis Immuno Boost Tea is made from a mixture of herbs, according to traditional Swiss Herbal Formula. Good immune system health will result in a feeling of all-round good health, and will decrease one’s chances of becoming sick.

Artemis Immuno Boost Tea:

  • helps to fight off seasonal ills and chills
  • supports the build-up of immune resistance
  • helps to protect upper respiratory tract against pathogens and air pollution
  • suitable for adults and children

ARTEMIS Tea Therapy

  • medicinal herbs high in natural active constituents
  • certified organic
  • hand blended
  • no caffeine, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • lactose and gluten free
  • no GMO used

Crafted in New Zealand with locally grown and carefully selected imported herbs.



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    Ingredients/Directions to use: 

    Content: 30g prime loose herbs serving 30 cups of tea.

    Directions: Best drunk with fresh lemon and honey. Acute: Take 3-5 cups daily to support the recovery from ills and chills. To build up resistance and to support a healthy upper respiratory tract: Take 1-3 cups daily. For full restorative benefit take 3 cups daily for 6 weeks. Can be safely taken longer for maintenance.

    Advice: Use as directed. At the recommended dosage clinically relevant herb-drug interactions are not known.

    Preparation: Take 1 teaspoon (1g) per cup (175ml), place into infuser, plunger or tea pot, pour over boiling water and infuse for 5-10 minutes.

    Ingredients: Organic and wildcrafted herbs of Linden blossom, Aniseed, Plantain, Elderflower blossom, Sage, Thyme.

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