Pomegranate and Grape with Tangy Orange Peel Tea - 20 Teabags

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Pick the Best of the Crop with Healtheries Fruit Teas!

Refresh your senses and revitalise your body naturally. Enjoy the aroma and fruity taste of this tea with a luscious pomegranate and sweet black grape flavour.

This caffeine free tea is a healthy alternative to caffeine beverages. It also helps improve digestion, stimulates the appetite, improves antioxidant levels and helps to reduce infection. Each packet contains 20 caffiene free teabags.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Directions For Use:
Pour freshly boiled water over the tea bag and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes then remove teabag. For a lighter flavour leave in for a shorter time. Or for a stronger flavour leave teabag in for longer.

Do not use milk. Honey may be added to sweeten if desired.
May be served hot or cold.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Apple (Pyrus malus), Rosehips (Rosa canina), Orange Peel (Citrus aurantium) 8.0%, Nature Identical Flavourings: Pomegranate 4.0%, Grape 2.0%, Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

Nutitional Information:
The ingredients in this fruit tea are well known for their many benefits.Hibiscus has soothing and astringent properties. Apple stimulates appetite, improves the function of the digestive system, helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and assists the health of the respiratory system.Rosehips help to prevent infections, and cleanse the kidneys and bladder. Orange Peel helps to improve the immune system and lower cholesterol and Native American herbalists also used Elderberry for infections, coughs, influenza, herpes, and skin conditions.

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