Pure Green Tea - Healtheries - 20 Teabags

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Pure Green Tea - Healtheries - 20Teabags

Go Green for Great Taste!

Healtheries Pure Green Tea is a delicious refreshing beverage for those need a refreshing change. Green Tea also boasts generous levels of antioxidants.

Green Tea has been used for thousands of years in Asia as a digestive enhancing beverage and as a medicine for wellbeing. Green Tea is rich in bioflavonoid polyphenols particularly catechins which are powerful antioxidants that fortify the immune system. They are also beneficial for healthy liver function, and have anti-allergy properties.

Green Tea is traditionally served without milk or sugar. If sweetening is required try using honey. Serve hot or chilled over ice.


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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Ingredients: Each teabag contains 100% Green Tea (Camellia sinensis).

Directions for Use: 

To make your delicious brew, pour one cup of freshly boiled water over a tea bag and let it infuse for 3- 5 minutes.

A slice of lemon or orange peel, cinnamon or liquorice stick may be added to the tea while it steeps if you desire.

Allergen: Contains naturally occurring caffeine