Chocolate Hokey Pokey - Supremely Gourmet - 100g Gift Box

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Chocolate Hokey Pokey  - Supremely Gourmet - 100g Gift Box

Hokey Pokey Keeps Them Happy!

Hokey Pokey is an iconic New Zealand flavour. In New Zealand, Hokey Pokey refers to pieces of Honeycomb. In other parts of the world it is known as Honeycomb candy or even puff candy.

Hokey Pokey on it’s own is fabulous so just imagine how divine it is when its smothered in chocolate. These Hokey Pokey Chocolates from Supremely Gourmet feature pieces of New Zealand Honeycomb covered in delicious chocolate to create a heavenly hokey pokey treat!

Impress with this yummy box of Hokey Pokey Chocolates for:

  • Easter Chocolate Gifts
  • Christmas Chocolate Gifts
  • Souvenir Chocolates
  • Chocolates for Homesick Kiwis

Supremely Gourmet has been producing some of New Zealand’s finest quality chocolate and confectionery since 1998. See more delicious New Zealand Chocolate online here at Shop New Zealand.


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