Chocolate Licorice Logs - 3 Packs - 120g - RJS Licorice

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Chocolate Licorice Logs 120g - RJ’s Licorice

Luscious Chocolate Licorice Candy!

This luscious chocolate licorice candy from RJ’s Licorice is made to be enjoyed! With dark licorice wrapped around a milk chocolate centre, this is the Chocolate Licorice Candy you’ve been searching for!

RJ’s Licorice is made with real liquorice extract, so it naturally tastes better. The chocolate centre of these Licorice Logs is made to an old Belgian recipe, so you know you’re choosing a treat which is both tasty and high quality.

RJ’s Licorice is the classic licorice candy you love. RJ’s is a family owned and run company who make licorice candy treats with a Kiwi twist! That’s what makes RJ’s Licorice some of the world’s best licorice.

Licorice Log Ingredients: wheat flour, cane sugar, molasses, glucose syrup, water, liquorice extract, treacle, humectant (E)422, rice bran oil, salt, flavor (aniseed oil). Centre Filling Ingredients: cane sugar, palm kernel oil, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, emulsier (soy lecithin & (E)476), vanillin (vanilla), 4% cocoa solids, 23% milk solids.

This pack contains 3x40g Chocolate Licorice Logs.


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