Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice – RJ’s Licorice – 300g

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Pure licorice goodness!

Only the finest ingredients go into making RJ’s Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice. The result is a fine tasting raspberry licorice that leaves a lingering fruity taste in your mouth.

RJ’s were the first in the world to perfect the technique of making quality fruit licorice. All their licorice is made in the small New Zealand town of Levin. So try RJ’s Raspberry Soft Eating Licorice for a real licorice treat!

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Wheat flour, cane sugar, glucose syrup, water, humectant (E422), rice bran oil, natural raspberry flavour, food acidity regulators (E330 & E296), salt, natural colour, liquorice extract.

Contains: gluten, liquorice extract.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Made in New Zealand.

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