Fruit Digestive Biscuits – Griffin’s 200 g

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Griffin’s biscuit makers cater for the health conscious too !!

What makes Griffin’s Digestives so special is that the biscuit base is made of Wheat and Bran – yes that’s the Bran that assists with roughage issues. This is a healthy alternative to most other biscuits and can be eaten with hot beverages as a dunking biscuit.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Wheat (52%) [Wheat Flour, Bran, Wholemeal], Sugar, Vegetable Fat [Antioxidant (306)], Currants (6%), Honey, Milk Solids, Invert Syrup, Salt, Cinnamon, Raising Agent (Baking Soda).

Contains: Wheat (Gluten) and Milk Products.

Produced in a factory handling Egg Products, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Other Nuts and Soybean Products.

Servings Per Package: 10

Serving size: 2 Biscuits, Approx 25g

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