Ready To Eat Figs - Tasti - 250g

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Ready to eat Figs by Tasti New Zealand – the healthy snack company

Moist, juicy and full of the goodness provided by the sunshine -  Tasti New Zealand presents dried Figs that have not lost their juicy texture. Tasti New Zealand snacks give an alternative to foods such as biscuits and choips which are often unhealthy, fattening and give little or no vitamins.

Figs are an excellent source of fibre which will assist in the cleaning of toxic substances in the digestive tract. Proudly owned and supplied by New Zealand, Tasti products only use the best ingredients for quality and consistency.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Dried Figs (90%), Water, Preservative 202.


Serving 5 (size 50g)

Average QTY p/serve

% Daily intake p/serve Avg Qty p/100g
Energy                             445Kj 5% 889Kj
Protein                             1.7g 3% 3.3g
Fat Total                          0.8g 1% 1.5g
saturated                          0.0g 0% 0.0g
Carbohydrate                   24.3g 8% 48.6g
Sugars                              24.3g 27 % 48.6g
Dietry Fibre total              3.5g 12% 6.9g
Sodium                             29mg 1% 57mg


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