Naturals Ground Paprika – Mrs Rogers – 40g

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Makes food attractive!

Paprika is native to south-west Europe and is the perfect spice for adding background flavour and colour without strongly affecting the taste of your dish. It is the perfect complement for white meats and tomato based dishes.

Mrs Rogers Paprika is made from specially selected capsicums that are sun dried and crushed. Add Paprika mid way through cooking to give your meals colour and a delicious base.

Make dishes more attractive with Mrs Rogers Paprika.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Paprika powder. 

Suggested Uses:

Excellent with tomato-based & white meat dishes.

Add midway through cooking or as attractive garnish to highlight all dishes.

Sprinkle over roasted veges to add extra flavour.

Gently fry Paprika in oil on low heat to extract the whole fruity aroma.

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