Naturals Mustard Powder – Mrs Rogers – 30g

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Gives food a bit of a kick!

Mrs Rogers Mustard Powder is the convenient way to a hot and pungent tang to foods. Simply mix equal quantities of mustard powder and cold water together and allow the mixture to develop before adding to dishes and salads.

It is best to add Mrs Rogers Mustard Powder near the end of the cooking process to avoid overheating the mustard and reducing its pungency. Mustard goes well with almost any salads, processed foods, smoked or cured meats.

Add a hot, zingy tang to dishes with the Mrs Rogers Mustard Powder.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Mustard powder.

Suggested Uses:

For a simple mustard, mix with equal quantity of cold water & leave to develop its flavour.

Add to sauces and gravies and well known for use in pickles and chutneys.

Sprinkle over steak before grilling for a bold flavour.

Great in salad dressings & adds a tang to mayonnaise.

Add near end of cooking & avoid overheating as pungency will be reduced.

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