Kaitaia Fire Chili Pepper Sauce - 150ml

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The original sauce made from New Zealand grown organic chilies.

Picked at the height of their maturity, finely milled and mixed with organic sea salt the organic chilies are then sealed in barrels to undergo a quasi-fermentation process over the next few years. What results is pure Kaitaia Fire! Add it to your food for that extra kick and know that you’re experiencing a real taste of New Zealand.


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    Ingredients/Directions to use: 

    chilies (55%), water, cider vinegar, food acid (260), salt, vegetable gum (415)

    Nutritional Information

    - Per 100ml
    Energy 1027kJ
    Protein 10.0g
    Fat, total 8.9g
    -saturated <1.0g
    Carbohydrates 40.9g
    -sugars <1.0g
    Sodium 2.6g

    Wake up and live a little with Kataia Fire Chili Pepper Sauce. Why not purchase Kataia Fire’s other fiery products including organic Waha Wera Kiwifruit and Habanero Sauce and organic dried chillies.


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