Clover Honey Comb – Happy Valley – 340g

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Real honey!

All honey begins life as a honey comb that is processed and turned into the creamy liquid honey that we are all familiar with. Taste honey as nature intended with the Clover Honey Comb from Happy Valley.

The clover is a wild flower that grows in the wild fields and pastures of New Zealand. Happy Valley sources their clover honey from the hives of New Zealand honey bees that are free to roam the vast expanse of New Zealand.

Clover honey is very mild and pleasant with a beautiful floral flavour and aroma. The Happy Valley Clover Honey Comb not only tastes great, but gives you all the benefits of raw honey. Honey comb contains beeswax, which is edible.

Enjoy honey the way it was meant to be eaten with the Clover Honey Comb from Happy Valley.

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