Tawari Creamed Honey – Happy Valley – 1kg

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10.5 cm


13 cm

Straight out of New Zealand!

Experience the smooth and nutty deliciousness of the Tawari Creamed Honey from Happy Valley. This honey is produced by honey bees that forage in the pristine native forests of New Zealand.

The Tawari is a tree species that is native to the North Island of New Zealand. It blooms beautiful white flowers that produce the nectar to create the gorgeous Tawari native honey. It has a delicious taste that is often compared to the flavour of butterscotch. This honey has also been creamed to make it easy to spread and incredibly smooth.

Taste the Tawari Creamed Honey from Happy Valley for an unforgettable taste of New Zealand!

Look for the best honey to suit your taste buds from the Happy Valley range.

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