Vipers Bugloss Honey - 500g - Airborne Honey

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Vipers Bugloss Honey is also commonly known as "Borage". The honey is a delicate flavour with a floral bouquet and being high in fructose is excellent as a drink sweetener, especially coffee where it imparts another flavour dimension. keep this in the refrigerator and you have a natural chewy snack for kids of all ages.

This wild flower covers the hills of New Zealand\’s Central South Island in a sea of brilliant blue colour during summer months. The seed, resembling a Viper\’s head, was once mistakenly used as a treatment for snakebite giving the plant its unusual name. Vipers Bugloss is a close relative of Salvation Jane (Echium plantagineum), another well known honey plant from Australia. Vipers Bugloss is a slow crystallizing honey with a low (Glucose-Water)/Fructose ratio.


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