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Give a Gift of Honey Love!

Give someone close to you the gift of honey love with an Ambrosia Honey Liqueur and Honey Wine Gift Pack. This gift pack contains

  • 1 x 100ml bottle of First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur
  • 1 x 375ml bottle of First Night Honey Wine
  • 2 x Liqueur glasses

It’s a wonderful gift to share with someone you love, give to a couple close to you, share with friends, or simply savor.

First Night Manuka Honey Wine is made from pure New Zealand Manuka Honey. Unique Manuka Honey has a stronger, richer flavor than many other honeys, making it perfect for wine making. The honey is slowly fermented to dryness and the residual sweetness is carefully blended into the wine. The result is an authentic Honey Mead, updated to suit modern palettes.

First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur is a delicious combination of First Night Manuka Honey Wine, pure New Zealand Manuka Honey, genuine 12 year old imported French Brandy and 23 carat gold flakes which dance invitingly in the glass. Modern wine making techniques ensure that mixture blends harmoniously and the finished product really does resemble Ambrosia - the divine nectar of the gods.

Love and honey have been linked together for thousands of years. Honey Mead, Honey Wine and Honey Liqueur were drunk almost continuously through a pagan Honeymoon, as it was believed that the honey would ensure the marriage was sweet, and help the couple conceive a boy child. Whatever the effects of sipping these honey drinks from Alchemy Beverages, they’re delicious to savor or share.

Tasting Notes for First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur:

The nose is dominated by honey, with scents of aniseed and orange. This Liqueur is superbly rounded in the mouth, with tastes of honey and aniseed dancing on the tongue. Savor the sensation of sweet liquid honey pouring down your throat and a warming glow spreading through your body.

Tasting Notes for First Night Honey Wine:

The nose is a delicate yet full aroma of honey and citrus. In the mouth, this wine has a smooth and rounded body with intense, unique manuka honey flavors dominating the palate upfront, followed by a clean and balanced finish as the acidity complements the sweet honey aftertaste.

Both Ambrosia Honey Liqueur and First Night Honey Wine will cellar very well, developing in body and complexity as they age. Neither of these products has a use-by date due to the anti-bacterial qualities of its ingredients. Once opened, store First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur away from light and it will keep excellently.

Give the nectar of the gods for the perfect gift, no matter who you’re buying for. Enjoy these delicious honey drinks responsibly

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