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Easy to eat tablets to assist with healthy bone development in children

Pro-life New Zealand offers chocolate flavoured chewable Goat’s Milk tablets to assist with the health of developing bones in the young. The calcium content in this tablet is crucial in making sure that bones and teeth become strong while the child grows up.

Kids will enjoy this tasty tablet as they are chocolate flavoured, plus they offer easy digestive properties avoiding abdominal discomfort through added enzymes.

Goat’s Milk Scientific Literature Link.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Age 3-7, Chew 1-2 tablets twice daily

Age 8+ Chew 2-3 tablets twice daily

Take preferably with food or as recommended by a professional


Seek health care provider if suffering from any medical condtion or taking medication before supplementation


Goat's Milk Powder 200 mg, Calcium (phosphate) 11.5mg, Bromelain 1 mg, Amylase 250 mcg, Lipase 250 mcg.

This product contains dextrose, tablettling aids and flavour

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