Kids Bone Chewable Tablets – Radiance – 60 Tablets

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Great for growing kids!

The Kids Bone Chewable Tablets contain all the right nutritional building blocks to support healthy development in kids. Whereas most humans get their calcium from dairy sources such as milk and cheese, these are not the best sources of calcium because they are poorly absorbed by our bodies. Kids Bone Chewable Tablets contains easily absorbable calcium and is enhanced with important nutritional co-factors that are commonly deficient in New Zealand children.

Kids Bone Chewable Tablets:

  • Great source of calcium
  • Promotes healthy bone and tooth development
  • Contains nutritional co-factors that are commonly deficient in New Zealand children
  • 100% vegetarian

Support healthy bone and tooth development in children with the Kids Bone Chewable Tablets from Radiance.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Children 2-3 years: One tablet daily

Children 4-8 years: Two tablets daily

Children 8 and over: Two to four tablets daily

Ingredients per chewable tablet:
Calcium 125mg


Vitamin D3 100IU
Silica 12.5mg
Boron 125µg

Naturally sweetened with fructose. Natural vanilla caramel flavour.

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