Kiwiherb Children's Echinature- Echinacea Root Extract 100ml

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Help Keep Your Child Healthy, Naturally!

An alcohol free Echinacea suitable for children of all ages.
Manufactured from NZ grown organic Echinacea root.
Fantastic tasting - flavoured with organic apple juice and orange.
No additives or preservatives.

Children’s Echinature is great for children who can’t swallow tablets, and it also allows for greater dosage flexibility. By simply altering the amount and frequency of dosage, the product can be used either as support for warding off winter ills, or to assist the body’s natural healing process during infection.

Children’s Echinature made from certified organic herbal ingredients and is suitable for children of all ages. The formula is also suitable for adults who choose not to take alcohol.

Specially formulated for infants & children aged 0-12 years

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