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Moves in all the right ways!

Stress, processed foods, sickness and the natural ageing process can cause the deterioration of digestive enzymes in the body. As these essential enzymes break down the food that we eat, their deterioration can lead to uncomfortable digestive upsets. The Lifestream Digestive Enzymes Bowel Biotics Powder is a unique blend of all natural ingredients loaded with natural enzymes designed to promote bowel health and regular bowel movements.

Contained in the Digestive Enzymes Bowel Biotics Powder are:

Studies have shown that taking prebiotics and probiotics together is more effective than taking them independently. Both prebiotics and probiotics are essential for maintaining healthy intestinal bacteria. The prebiotics in this digestive aid promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon while working to reduce the population of unfriendly bacteria. Probiotics are living microbial organisms that are found in the gut and are beneficial to our health. The probiotics in the Digestive Enzymes Bowel Biotics Powder encourages a favourable balance of these ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system. Fibre is also vital to regular and healthy digestive function because it moves wastes through the colon to prevent it from staying in the bowel for long periods. This formulation also contains a whole range of digestive enzymes to support the efficient absorption and break down of food.

Ensure regular bowel health and movements with the Digestive Enzymes Bowel Biotics Powder from Lifestream!

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Mix into a glass of water or diluted fruit juice and consume 20 minutes before a meal. Follow with a glass of water.

Psyllium husks (64%), Inulin prebiotics (30%), Digestive enzymes (Protease 1.2%), Betaine HCI (0.9%), Ginger root (0.6%), Papain (0.6%), Peppermint leaf (0.6%), Fennel seed (0.6%), Bromelain (0.6%), Probiotic cultures (1%).
Lifestream’s Digestive Enzymes Bowel Biotics Powder is 100% natural and if free of artificial ingredients.
Free of polydextrose, sorbitol, maltodextrin, sugar, gluten, wheat, phytate, GM ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

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