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Evergreen Royal STAG is collected from selected vigorous New Zealand stags at the peak of their physical fitness, within 50~55 days growth of the new horn. In deer’s blood, the amount of serum, which is the substance for making new blood, is present 4 times as much compared to human blood and there are twice as much albumin and red blood cells present. Large amounts of iron, selenium and proteins are also present so they react directly with haemoglobin to produce more blood and enhance the transfer of oxygen and blood circulation. Thus deer blood can be called special supplement helping the treatment anaemia.

All of the nutrients of fresh stag blood are well preserved using a unique processing technology developed by Evergreen Life Ltd. All stag deer blood collected is immediately sterilized and freeze-dried, leaving it safe to take.

Evergreen Royal STAG capsules are dietary supplements containing nutrients essential to the body\’s function, including an abundance of protein, essential amino acids, iron and a mineral element Selenium.

Guarantee: Evergreen products are made of only pure chemical-free and natural ingredients. These products are not intended to treat or cure disease, but are dietary supplements.

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