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Is Your Pet Suffering from Sore Joints?


Joint Relief for Pets is completely natural and unique product of New Zealand. Chewable tablets contain New Zealand bee venom VENZ™, Glucosamine & Green Shell Mussel extract. This advanced formula designed to assist with joints mobility in dogs.
Innovative ingredient in that product is NZ Bee Venom VENZ™, collected by ApiHealth NZ Ltd from New Zealand bees with use of ApiHealth patented technology.  Bee Venom is a unique multi-component complex, which contains about 30 biologically active compounds. The main components are peptides: melittin, apamin, peptide 401, adolapin, and protease inhibitors. Bee venom support the immune system in health condition and contribute production of endogenous cortisol in the adrenal glands, which protect body from unfavourable environmental factors and provide joint mobility support.
Another nutritional ingredient is Glucosamine HCL. Glucosamine is a major component of soft tissues such as cartilage, ligament, tendon, skin etc. Glucosamine stimulates the manufacture of the soft tissue and responsible for proper function of joints and tissue such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Glucosamine has been reported to have the potential to slow the degradation of cartilage and can also help the body repair eroded and damaged cartilage.
Third natural nutritional ingredient is Green Shell Mussel extract, which use as a health supplement in case of joint problems, stiffness and pain. There are three key components have been identified as primarily being responsible for the beneficial effects of Green Shell Mussel Powder. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), omega 3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA) and a unique phosphorylated glycogen molecule, which are important ingredients in joint health promotion. These three compounds working together generating the synergies that provides health benefit for joints.
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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

HOW TO TAKE "ApiVENZ RELIEF TABLETS FOR PETS".If body weight is below 10 kg give your pet 1 tablet daily.If body weight is between 10-20kg 2 tablets daily.

PRECAUTION:If your pets suffer allergic reaction to bee sting, please consult your pet care before use this product.

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