Dried Short Deer Sinew 23cm - Cervidor - 400g

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Freedom of movement

The Dried Deer Sinews by Cervidor is a convenient and natural way to support joint mobility and bone health. For thousands of years the Chinese have incorporated deer sinew into various traditional remedies and medicines to treat a whole variety of ailments. Cervidor’s Dried Deer Sinews are sourced directly from deer raised in the untarnished environment of New Zealand. It could assist to improve joint mobility, bone strength and provide relief from arthritis and joint pain.

Cervidor Dried Deer Sinews support:

  • Overall health and wellbeing
  • Strong bones and tendons
  • Relief from joint pain and Deer Velvet to promote general health, joint mobility, bone and tendon strength. Deer sinew may also assist to provide relief from arthritis and joint pain. The Dried Deer Sinews by Cervidor gives natural support to your joints, bones and tendons for improved mobility


Weight 400g( product only)


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There are many ways to extract the benefits from deer sinew. A popular way is to soak the deer sinew until it turns soft and then making it into a soup by combining it with vegetables and herbs of your choosing.