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Discover the Benefits of Bee Pollen with Nelson Gold!

Support your natural health with Bee Pollen! Bee Pollen is pollen collected from flowers by bees and removed from the hive before it is transformed into honey. It’s widely believed that Bee Pollen is one of the most complete foods on earth and contains all the goodness that your body needs.

Bee pollen is high in B vitamin complex, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Bee Pollen Capsules from Nelson Gold are one of the most convenient ways to supplement your daily diet with Bee Pollen. It is thought to act as a natural energizer. Nelson Gold Bee Pollen Capsules are an all-round natural dietary supplement and the easiest way to discover the benefits of Bee Pollen for yourself!

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Pollen.

Directions: Begin with taking one capsule per day. The dose may be gradually increased as desired, to up to six capsules per day.

Contraindications: This product is not recommended for people with Bee Allergies or for Asthmatics. If you have any concerns, speak to you health care provider before taking this product.

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