Bee Pollen Granules – Mossop’s – 500g

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Natural goodness!

Bee Pollen Granules from Mossop’s is a rich source of vitamins, enzyme and nutrients. This is why bee pollen is commonly called nature’s complete food because it contains many nutrients and vitamins that are vital for life and health. It is said that bee pollen has many potential health benefits.

Bee pollen granules may:

  • Soothe allergies
  • Support energy levels
  • Promote digestion
  • Promote immunity
  • Support sexual function and reproductive health
  • Encourage appetite
  • Support weight control

In nature, bee pollen is used to provide nourishment to young bees. It is formed by worker bees who pack ordinary pollen together. In doing so, ordinary pollen is mixed with beneficial enzymes, nectars, fungi and bacterial organisms to form bee pollen. Bee pollen is a great natural source of vitamins, including B-complex vitamins, folic acid, proteins and amino acids. This makes it an ideal natural supplement for individuals who seek to correct a nutritional deficiency or unbalanced diet.

Stimulate health and vitality with the Bee Pollen Granules by Mossop’s.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

How to take Bee Pollen:

Let your imagination go. Just do not cook as this will destroy the live enzymes and the nutrient value.


• If you are allergic to any Bee Products, the use of Bee Pollen, it is recommended you take bee pollen with great caution or that you do not take bee pollen.
• If you have not used Bee Pollen before, we recommend that you start using a little at a time – For Example: ¼ of a teaspoon to start with for a week, then ½ tsp for a week, etc building up the required quantity over a period of 3 or 4 weeks.