Special Manuka Honey With Added bee Venom - Nelson Honey - 500g

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The best of nature in a jar!

The Special Manuka Honey with Added Bee Venom by Nelson Honey of New Zealand is very special indeed. Manuka Honey has been used in New Zealand for generations as both a delicious food source. In modern times, Manuka honey has become somewhat of an international success with many studies.

The powerful natural properties of Manuka are combined with bee venom in this pleasant tasting blend of honey. Bee Venom has been employed for many centuries by various cultures around the world. 

Traditionally, bee venom was injected directly into the body with a needle or with the bee itself. Now with products like Nelson Honey’s Special Honey with Added Bee Venom, you can painlessly ingest all the benefits of bee venom in the convenience of your home.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Start by taking a quarter (1/4) of a teaspoon a day and slowly increase to one (1) to two (2) teaspoons a day. If you suffer from bee allergies you should see advice from your medical professional before using this product.

Manuka Honey 100%Bee Venom <0.1% Each teaspoon contains less than one bee sting.

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