NZ Royal Jelly & NZ Colostrum - 60 Chewable Tablets

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The unique properties of NZ Royal Jelly in combination with Colostrum helps provide health benefits such as increased physical performance, immune system, memory and metabolism of inner skin health.

ApiHealth New Zealand Royal Jelly tablets are innovative and exclusive New Zealand Origin product.

✔ ApiHealth New Zealand Royal Jelly tablets were produced with using of new drying processing technology based on adsorption process. This technology allows to preserve maximum of active royal jelly ingredients in the powdered form. Therefore, activity of adsorbed royal jelly in tablets close to natural liquid raw royal jelly.

✔ ApiHealth royal jelly tablets have very effective beneficial properties because chewing process provides maximum absortion of main active components.

✔ ApiHealth Royal Jelly tablets have a very pleasant taste.

✔ ApiHealth Royal Jelly tablets have a very sustainable effectiveness.  

Main ingredient in the product is New Zealand Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly is a creamy product secreted by young nurse worker bees for feeding to the queen, queen larvae and other young larvae.

Royal Jelly contains minerals and fatty acids, including the naturally occurring substance 10HDA. Royal Jelly is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes, and hormones It also contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, acetyl-choline and zinc that support skin renewal, inner radiance and general wellbeing.

The most unique component in royal jelly is fatty acid (10-HDA) - 10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid). This acid provides major health-beneficial royal jelly effects. The amount of 10 HDA depend from royal jelly origin. New Zealand Royal Jelly has 10HDA levels unsurpassed worldwide at 3.1%.

Miraculous beneficial properties of Royal Jelly attract attention of many researchers. Scientists discovered that regular consumption of Royal Jelly regulates the level of haemoglobin and erythrocytes in blood. Royal Jelly is very useful as an overall restorative remedy for patients depleted and weakened by severe sicknesses. It is also helpful in cases when the body is weakened by ageing. The patients gain their appetite and normal weight back, become cheerful and vivacious.

Another active natural ingredient is New Zealand Colostrum.

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammals during the first 24 - 48 hours after giving birth. NZ Colostrum is collected from pasture-fed, healthy, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free New Zealand dairy cows. This colostrum is processed fresh using a unique low heat, spray dry processing technique to ensure that the highest biological activity is retained.

Colostrum is high in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies. Colostrum contains all five immunoglobulins found in all mammals, IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. There are many beneficial proteins in the colostrum, including a variety of growth factors (IGfs).

Studies conducted by respected scientists, researchers and doctors around the world have identified just how beneficial the components of colostrum are. Evidence from these studies shows that colostrum can destroy viruses, toxins, bacteria, yeast and parasites. Additionally, colostrum powerfully boosts our immune function, helps accelerate injury healing, assists us in burning fat and building lean muscle mass, increases vitality and stamina, and elevates our mood.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Active ingredient:Each tablet contains:132mg of absorbed Nz Royal Jelly and 50mg of NZ Colostrums

Direction to use:Recommended to take 2 tablets daily without any food or drink. Please chew tablet until it will be dissolved.

PRECAUTION:People who have allergic reactions to royal jelly should seek medical advice.

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