Dried Deer Sinews 400g- long(31CM)

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Ease the pain

Restore joint mobility and function with the assistance of the Cervidor Dried Deer Sinews. Cervidor’s Dried Deer Sinews is a safe and high quality product harvested from New Zealand raised deer. For many centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used deer sinew to support general health and to treat various conditions. Among the elderly, it is a popular natural aid that promotes joint and bone health by improving mobility and easing joint pain. The Dried Deer Sinews by Cervidor assists in giving relief to sufferers of joint pain and arthritis by supporting joint function and bone strength.

Cervidor’s Dried Deer Sinews may support:

  • Relief from joint pain and Deer Velvet and aids to encourage general health and ease the pain associated with arthritis and joint pain.
  • Nurture healthy joints, bones and tendons with the Cervidor Dried Deer Sinews.

Weight 400g(Product only)

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Directions:A common way to extract from deer sinew is to soak the sinew in water till it turns soft. The softened sinew can then be combined with vegetables and herbs to make a soup.


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