Bioactive Ginger Capsules – Lifestream – 60 Capsules

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Ginger concentrate

The Bioactive Ginger Capsules from Lifestream contains high strength ginger extract that promotes digestion, circulation and assists in warming up the extremities around the body. Ginger also supports joint mobility and aids to relieve motion sickness. The Lifestream Ginger Capsules capture the natural health giving benefits of ginger in a capsule for you to enjoy.

The Bioactive Ginger Capsules by Lifestream could assist with:            

  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Joint mobility
  • Motion sickness
  • Warming the body

Ginger has been employed for many centuries by Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners to assist in the treatment of a variety of ailments. Ginger supports regular and healthy digestion, circulation and warms up the body to combat colds and chills. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that promote joint mobility and suppleness. Furthermore, ginger is often used to relieve or mitigate the effects of motion and travel sickness.

Take advantage of the natural health giving properties of ginger with the Lifestream Bioactive Ginger Capsules.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Adults: take 1-3 capsules daily. During travel take 1-2 capsules at least half an hour before departure, and then take 1-2 more if required.

Nutritional Information:

Herbal Extracts Equiv. to Each Capsule Contains
Zingiber officinale rhizome dry (ginger)  1000mg


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