Headmed Relief Spray - Naturo Pharm - 25ml

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Do you suffer from tension headaches? Tension head aches are usually caused by stress, anxiety, and usually start in the neck and shoulder muscles. Naturo Pharm has a natural Homeopathic remedy to help relieve headache symptoms.

Naturo Pharms Headmed Relief Spray supports the body’s normal response to tension headaches.

Homeopathic remedies are drug free and have no known side effects. No animals have been used in the testing of Naturo Pharm homeopathic remedies.

Each 25 ml bottle contains approx 150 sprays.




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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Instructions: Use 2 sprays per dose orally at 15 minute intervals for up to 6 doses (if required) then 3 times a day as required.
Chronic: Use 2 sprays per dose orally 3 times a day as required.

Ingredients: Contains Homoeopathic potencies of Belladonna 30c, Bryonia 24x, Gelsemium 30c, Melilotus 30c, Natrum Carbonicum 12x and Spigelia 30c in: Oral Spray - Purified water and 11% alcohol