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Fresh Royal Jelly & delicious honey!

Enjoy the benefits of royal jelly in a convenient and delicious form with the Royal Jelly & Honey Creamed from Happy Valley. Happy Valley collects their royal jelly from the hives of honey bees located in Auckland, New Zealand. Their royal jelly is free of pesticides and other man made chemicals. This is combined with delicious New Zealand honey for a nutritious treat.

Royal jelly contains beneficial vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, proteins and trace minerals. It is no wonder, as royal jelly is used in nature as a food source for the queen bee and her larvae.

Happy Valley’s fresh royal jelly contains the chemical 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid or 10-HDA. This chemical is only found in Royal Jelly and is also sometimes referred to as the queen bee acid. Most fresh royal jelly should contain a 10-HDA content of between 1.5% and 2%. Happy Valley’s royal jelly contains one of the highest 10-HDA levels with a 3% content. 10-HDA is thought to be the component that gives royal jelly its many  benefits.

In addition, Happy Valley’s fresh royal jelly also contains the eight amino acids that are beneficial as well as many minerals and enzymes.

So enjoy the benefits of royal jelly in the delicious package that is the Royal Jelly & Honey Creamed from Happy Valley.

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Can be spread on bread or taken directly underneath the tongue to be dissolved.

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