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New Zealand Propolis liquid extract manufactured in an alcohol base. Propolis is sourced from New Zealand clean, green environment and contains bioflavonoid level of at least 20 mg/g

The well-known properties of Propolis as a very strong natural body protector make product very effective for immune system support.

NZ Propolis is "recognized as a powerful, all-natural protector". This sticky, brown resinous substance is collected by honeybees from various trees and mixed with wax. Bees use propolis to sterilize their home against infection and as a multi-purpose cement and varnish.

Propolis is the only food on earth containing all 22 nutrients needed by the body for complete and perfect health. It contains over 16 different vitamins, rich in amino acids and trace elements; it also has a high vitamin content, including the valuable bioflavonoids and all in complete and natural balance.

The bioflavonoids in propolis make it a super biological active. Flavonoids are a class of natural products with high pharmacological potency. The high content of flavonoids in propolis is attributed to its success as a health product itself.

The value of propolis as a perfect food as well as its medicinal and restorative properties have been hailed by scientists, researchers, and health & nutrition practitioners all around the world.


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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Directions: 12-15 drops mixed with small amount of water.

Ingredients: The key unique ingredient of Propolis extracts is natural New Zealand propolis. Every 25ml bottle of Propolis extract (alcohol base) contains: 15% w/w of NZ pure Popolis, 85% w/w of Ethyl Alcohol

Precaution: People who have allergic reactions to propolis should seek medical advice before using product.

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