New Zealand Propolis Tincture 25% - Happy Valley – 25ml

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Propolis for great health!

Enjoy the health benefits of bee propolis with the Happy Valley New Zealand Propolis Tincture. Happy Valley only uses New Zealand sourced bee propolis for a pure and untainted natural bee supplement.

Propolis is a resin like substance produced by honey bees to protect the hive from external and viral threats. Honey bees mix the resin collected from certain plants and trees with beeswax and enzymes to produce propolis.

Bee propolis contains powerful antioxidant flavonoids that are thought to be beneficial to the immune system. It may assist to support immune defences for everyday health and wellbeing.

Support your body’s defences with the Happy Valley New Zealand Propolis Tincture from Happy Valley.

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Please consult your doctor before taking  bee supplements if you have any concerns or suffer from allergies.

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