Well Trim African Mango – Radiance – 70 Capsules

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Weight management!

Radiance Well Trim African Mango supports weight loss as it may control appetite, promote the breakdown of fats and reduce fat cell growth. The African Mango comes from the native West African Irvingia gabonensis tree. The extract from its fruit, IGOB131, is said to assist weight loss and management through multiple biological mechanisms.

Well Trim African Mango:

  • May support balanced blood sugar levels.
  • May support balanced fat levels
  • Assists to manage appetite by supporting the weight and appetite managing hormone known as leptin

The Well Trim African Mango by Radiance may be able to assist those who are having difficulties managing their weight.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Take one capsule twice a day, prior to lunch and dinner.




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