Fleecease Washable Medical Sheepskin Rug - Bowron

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110 cm

Indulge in the comfort of a Bowron Sheepskin - 110cm min

This washable Medical Sheepskin is one of the jewels in the Bowron Sheepskin Personal Comfort Range. Being highly durable this medical bed pad is one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy high quality individual sleep for both the active and the debilitated.

Why is the Bowron medical sheepskin so special?
Wool is possibly the most functional textile fibre available to us today and has many unique and special qualities to it;

  • A Natural insulator:
    Being a natural insulator, wool in effect traps air between its fibres and this is also enhanced by the crimp (waviness) of the wool fibres. The trapped air acts as a great natural insulator; this natural insulation is the reason why Wool will keep you warm when it is cold and alternatively cooler when it is hot. In addition, lying on Sheepskin will keep one surely insulated from the underlying surface, regulating your body temperature for extra comfort.
  • Absorbs moisture and is non-allergenic:
    In addition to being a natural insulator this Bowron medical sheepskin absorbs moisture wicked away from the skin, in effect keeping your skin dry and assisting towards the prevention of skin breakdown. This FleeceEase medical bed pad can absorb up to 30-40% of its own weight in moisture, making it the ideal bed surface for those susceptible to pressure sores and infirmed or bed ridden for extended periods. Wool is also considered to be non-allergenic with very little research supporting allergic reactions to the actual wool itself.
  • Reduces pressure points:
    Wool fibre is ultra-springy and resilient and with the added crimp and waviness of the fibres it helps to spread body pressure and assists towards pressure point relief for the user. These pressure points contribute towards the development of pressure sores, friction and ulcers.
  • A trusted Woolmark® brand;
    The Bowden FleeceEase Sheepskin proudly displays the Woolmark®brand which provides an assurance of quality and an independent guarantee of fibre content.Being naturally fire resistant wool does not have to be treated to become inflammable and will not flare up or support a flame. Bowron Sheepskins meet all the requirements of US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).
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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Care:Machine wash with warm water/38oC/100oF temperature.Do not tumble or force dryThis product can be dry-cleaned and it is recommended to use a professional dry-cleaning service.

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