Medical Sheepskin - adjustable Heel/Elbow Pads - Classic Sheepskin

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Classic Sheepskins Heel and Elbow Pads offer great protection without sacrificing comfort!

Classic Sheepskins is a New Zealand owner operated business specialising in producing locally made sheepskins. The Heel and Elbow Pads by Classic Sheepskins utilises the nurturing properties of medical sheepskin to give your problem heel or elbow a high level of support, protection and comfort.

The Adjustable Heel and Elbow Pads utilising medical sheepskin is perfect for people with problem heels or elbows that suffer from conditions such as allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, High Blood Pressure, Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. Medical sheepskin has unique properties that enhances blood circulation, controls temperature, reduces pressure and contact friction, and is Hypoallergenic (reduces allergic reactions). Medical sheepskin is a great insulator that wicks away moisture. This makes it great to use any time of the year and for people with allergies and asthma because it reduces the moisture that dust mite populations require to thrive.

For people with osteoarthritis or diabetes, medical sheepskin shields the skin from excessive contact friction and pressure. Medical sheepskin redistributes pressure across the skin evenly and is very gentle. This will assists in reducing the amount of pain felt in the joints for people with osteoarthritis. People with diabetes will find the protection afforded by medical sheepskin particularly invaluable. Diabetics commonly suffer nerve and blood vessel damage that reduces their ability to detect rather minor ulcerations and wounds. This leads to them developing more serious infections that could threaten their health or lead to amputations. For example, around the world, diabetic foot accounts for 84 per cent of all lower leg amputations. And some 15 per cent of all diabetics will get diabetic foot in their lifetimes. Diabetic foot is caused initially by the diabetic patient’s inability to detect their wound; allowing it to fester and turn into a serious infection. This makes the Heel and Elbow Pads especially useful for people in post-surgery recovery because it protects sensitive areas and helps prevents pressure ulcers from developing.

People suffering from high blood pressure and skin conditions will also benefit from Classic Sheepskins Heel and Elbow Pads. Medical sheepskin redistributes pressure evenly and allows air to circulate. This prevents blood vessels from constricting and improves blood circulation for people with high blood pressure. People with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis will also benefit because medical sheepskin improves air circulation and is hypoallergenic, reducing the likelihood of irritation and inflammation.

Classic Sheepskins Heel and Elbow Pads utilises the natural properties of medical sheepskin to deliver unparalleled support and comfort for people with problem heels or elbows.

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