Rectangular Shape Short wool Underlay - Classic Sheepskin - Double

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Indulge in classic comfort…

This Wool underlay from Classic Sheepskin’s is not only a comfortable way to enjoy your rest but it is also designed with your wellbeing in mind.

Wool is one of the most functional natural fibres known to us. This is mainly due to the many unique qualities and health benefits wool is known for. A Wool Bed Pad has a number of specific benefits for the user;

  • Wool is highly resilient and durable;
    Wool is a very durable and resilient fibre. It has the ability to bend back on itself more than 20,000 times without breaking. The ultra-springy characteristics of wool fibres helps to decentralise pressure points and helps to provide body stress relief and pressure point relief for the user.
  • Mother nature’s natural insulator;
    Wool has the ability to naturally trap air within and between the fibres. This trapped air is nature’s best form of insulation and the fibres added crimp and waviness means wool can help to self-regulate the body temperature for the user. In effect this Wool bed pad will keep one cooler in hotter conditions and warmer when it’s cold.
  • Absorbs moisture;
    Wool absorbs moisture very effectively and has the ability to absorb up to 30-40% of its own weight in moisture alone. This rectangular wool underlay will absorb and wick excess moisture away from the skin; keeping you free from uncomfortable occurrences such as sweet chill and helping with skin breakdown treatment.
  • Non-allergenic and kind to your skin;
    Wool itself is ultra-gentle to your skin and is considered a Hypoallergenic product. Individuals with dermatitis conditions, sensitive skins or rashes will find comfort in a Classic Sheepskins’ Wool underlay and know they are being kind to their skin. Also being fire-resistant, wool does not have to be treated to become inflammable and will not ignite nor support a flame.

This unique wool underlay will fit snugly over your Double Bed and provide you with a comfortable and beneficial nights rest. So you can sleep reassuringly knowing that Classic Sheepskins have produced a world-class wool bed pad. Specifically designed with your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

Classic Sheepskins was established in 1969 and has forged a name for itself as a premium New Zealand Tannery over the decades. This Woollen Underlay Double Size is proudly 100% made on site in New Zealand and guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.


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Colour: Honey


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