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Maximum comfort and softness…

This quality made wheelchair seat pad from Classic Sheepskins has been specifically made for those who require extra padding and softness when using their wheelchair.
Made to fit tightly on the wheelchair seat to provide the user with the upmost of comfort and protection. Ideal for those who use wheelchairs on a daily basis or require one for an extended period.
Sheepskin wheelchair pads have a distinct advantage over other regular pads for wheelchairs because of the inherent advantages which wool and sheepskin provide for the user;


  • Wool fibre is soft & resilient;
    The ultra-springy composition of the individual wool fibres means that this wheelchair seat cushion can act as a type of ‘therapeutic cushion’ providing the upmost of comfort during extended periods use.
  • Wool is known to be Hypoallergenic;
    Wool fibres are kind to sensitive skins and are considered non-allergenic. In addition wool can absorb moisture effectively and this Sheepskin Wheelchair pad can absorb excess moisture transferred from regular wheelchair use
  • Functional straps to hold the seat pad safely in place;
    Designed with stretchable straps to fit over your wheelchair seat being easy to put on and take off. Although this is designed to be used for Wheelchairs, this comfortable seat pad can also be used on a standard office chair.
  • Durable to withstand regular washing;
    This Wheelchair pad is durable enough to withstand regular washing, drying and airing so you can keep it clean on a daily, weekly basis. Regular care will not deteriorate the individual wool fibres composition.

Classic Sheepskins was established in 1969 and has forged a name for itself as a premium New Zealand Tannery over the decades. This Wheelchair Seat Pad is proudly 100% made on site in New Zealand and guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.



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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Colour: Honey

Size: 46CM x 41CM


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