Tinkerbell With Stars Design 4 - Crystal Ashley

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Wall art from another world!

Crystal Ashley Tinkerbell with Stars wall art is inspired by the magical world of Neverland. Tinkerbell is a fairy from the story of Peter Pan, made famous by the Disney animated motion picture of the same name. Tinkerbell is said to have once been a green and yellow bird that fell into a bag of stardust and turned into a fairy. She is a loyal companion to Peter Pan during his journeys throughout the magical island of Neverland. Tinkerbell leaves a trail of stardust that allows others to fly when they think happy thoughts.

Available colours:

* Pink MDF

* Mirror acrylic silver

Set your child’s imagination free with the Crystal Ashley Tinkerbell with Stars wall art.

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Please note:

You can make your colour selection from the drop down menu on the right

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Material: Aluminium composite material

Measurements: 205 (L) x 296 (H) mm

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