Tui Bird With Sound - Antics Marketing - 15cm

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An endemic bird of New Zealand, the Tui belongs to the honeyeater family can sometimes be seen taking nectar from various native and sometimes exotic bush plants. Once known as the Parson bird (Enlgish( the Maori name ‘Tui’ has been adopted nationwide.

Along with it’s distinct colours the Tui also has a a white tuft of feathers on its’s neck and a white wing patch – hence the old name – Parson.

This lovely soft toy Tui also calls in it’s natural birdsong once you lightly squeeze it’s wing.

A great gift or personal purchase for any age or genre. See here for more great creatures of New Zealand.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

All new materials

Synthetic fibre fill

Plastic pellets in safety bag inner

Surface washable