1.5 XL Longwool Sheepskin Rug - Bowron

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7 kg


130 cm


60 cm

Sheepskin Rug - Bowron Gold Star - Size 1.5

This wonderful and luxurious Bowron Sheep Skin rug will truly complement your home. Coloured and handcrafted in a subtle mix of designs and hues, the worlds finest natural sheep skin creates a feeling of luxury and style in the homes of today. Covering a bed, thrown over your favourite sofa or simply placed on the floor, Bowron Sheep Skins bring comfort, texture and colour to interior styles from the contemporary to the traditional.

Longwool natural shaped 1.5 rug made from one and a half sheep skins.

Length approx 130cm/51 inches minimum.

Width approx 60cm/24 inches minimum.

Minimum pile height approx  64mm/2.5 inches


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