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This miniature Pewter Collectible Kiwi is hand cast in New Zealand. This Pewter Figurine makes an ideal Pewter Collectible.

Pewter is a metal alloy. It is a combination of more than one metal that consists mainly of tin. Pewter can look very similar to silver. No one knows exactly when or how pewter was invented. Chinese pewter, believed to be about 2,000 years old, has been found. Romans used pewter for small utensils and seals.

The Kiwi occurs only in New Zealand. Although primarily a bird of New Zealand\’s native forests, kiwis also live in scrub and native grasslands. Because the kiwi is a semi-nocturnal, secretive bird, few New Zealanders have seen their national bird in the wild.

The kiwi is the sole survivor of an ancient order of birds including the now extinct moas. A flightless bird about the size of a domestic fowl, the kiwi has coarse, bristly, hair-like feathers. Females are larger than males.

Kiwis grow to about the size of a chicken and weigh between three and nine pounds. They have no tail and tiny two inch wings which for all practical purposes, are useless. Despite its awkward appearance, a kiwi can actually outrun a human and have managed to survive because of their alertness and their sharp, three-toed feet, which enable them to kick and slash an enemy.


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