Memory Book & Pen Set With Paua 21st Postcard – Amazin Wood

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Paua 21st postcard book & pen set

What better way to record your family member’s 21st birthday and other  memories than in this Amazin Wood covered book. With an ornate 21st key etching made of pure Paua, a follow on to the book line but with provision for a 6x4 photo to be added to the cover. This lightly varnished timber  book would be a lovely gift, souvenir or collectable item.

Brought to you from the company with many unique and culturally orientated craft works, this item is no less artful despite it’s pratical use.

This set supplied in cardboard box with clear plastic lid – making it a great gift for special occasions. Ready to wrap or ready to fill, this set comes with 20 black acid free pages and a silver ink pen, or white pages and a black ink pen.

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